Also called Surfer’s Eye, a pinguecula is a small yellow bump on the conjunctiva of the eye. That is the white part of the eye close to the cornea.

Pingueculae are not cancerous but they can be uncomfortable and they can also be cosmetically undesirable. There are times where pain relievers or eye drops cannot treat the problem and a patient may want to consider Pinguecula removal options.

These bumps are usually caused by exposure to the sun. If a person habitually goes out in the sun without sunglasses or hats these growths are more likely to happen. They often occur in older people, but children have been known to get them, too.

The ultraviolet light of the sun is the primary cause of the condition. If you have this condition, your eye doctor will most likely treat it by first prescribing eye drops. If that does not work, they will then add pain relievers. Drops are often effective because dry eye syndrome often contributes to the growth of the pingueculae and this condition gets treated along with the pingueculae.

The eye drops work to treat inflammation and swelling that is also part of the pinguecula growth. They are sometimes comprised of steroids but non-steroidal pain revlievers are also an option.

For bad cases of pinguecula or for those times where they are irritating a person’s ability to wear glasses or contacts, surgical pinguecula removal may be a great option. This is also ideal if a person is feeling that the growth is causing cosmetic issues.

A new form of removal is in the form of a surgery called I-Brite. If you have what looks like a yellowish bump on the white of your eye and you spend a good amount of time in the sun, visit your doctor today for a treatment plan.

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