Pinguecula Removal Options

Also called Surfer’s Eye, a pinguecula is a small yellow bump on the conjunctiva of the eye. That is the white part of the eye close to the cornea.

Pingueculae are not cancerous but they can be uncomfortable and they can also be cosmetically undesirable. There are times where pain relievers or eye drops cannot treat the problem and a patient may want to consider Pinguecula removal options.

These bumps are usually caused by exposure to the sun. If a person habitually goes out in the sun without sunglasses or hats these growths are more likely to happen. They often occur in older people, but children have been known to get them, too.

The ultraviolet light of the sun is the primary cause of the condition. If you have this condition, your eye doctor will most likely treat it by first prescribing eye drops. If that does not work, they will then add pain relievers. Drops are often effective because dry eye syndrome often contributes to the growth of the pingueculae and this condition gets treated along with the pingueculae.

The eye drops work to treat inflammation and swelling that is also part of the pinguecula growth. They are sometimes comprised of steroids but non-steroidal pain revlievers are also an option.

For bad cases of pinguecula or for those times where they are irritating a person’s ability to wear glasses or contacts, surgical pinguecula removal may be a great option. This is also ideal if a person is feeling that the growth is causing cosmetic issues.

A new form of removal is in the form of a surgery called I-Brite. If you have what looks like a yellowish bump on the white of your eye and you spend a good amount of time in the sun, visit your doctor today for a treatment plan.

How to Prevent Pingueculitis from Ever Happening

To those who are already aware about pinguecula, along with the causes and symptoms of the siad eye condition, take note that you need to learn how to prevent it as well. Remember that prevention will always be better than finding the cure of a certain health condition, and it’s also a way to get prepared. Take note that preparedness is always the best way towards success, and it even works in the aspect of health conditions, too.

In order to completely prevent pingueculitis from ever happening again, you have to remember that there are different methods that you can do. These won’t even cost you too much once you consider doing so since you can also do these as a healthy habit if you’re really concerned about your eye health. Here are the following:

Wear Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses isn’t actually meant for styling up only. It’s also the solution towards blocking the rays of the sun which can cause you to see less when it’s bright, as well as actually protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Since pinguecula eye often happens due to long exposure to the sun, you must consider wearing glasses to completely prevent it.

Wash your Face

It’s not just heat that causes pinguecula. If it’s mixed up with dust due to dirty surroundings, it can also raise the chance of experiencing the issue. That’s why it’s advisable to wash your face before and after you go out to ensure that no bacteria can stay on your eyes. Water also cools down the face, making it even more perfect to use for the sake of your eye’s condition.

Eye Drops

If you want to do it as a habit, you can go ahead and use eye drops as well. The substances of eye drops can help you cleanse your eyes, as well as get it protected from bacteria as you go out. It’s might cost a bit, but the results are worth it indeed.

With these tips to consider, rest assured that you will be able to get rid of pinguecula and its symptoms. Also, it will keep you comfortable on your eyes as well.

Pinguecula Removal Can Actually Be Done

Removal of Pinguecula can actually be performed through certain procedures. Take note that there are various ways for you to actually get rid of it since it’s not a very complicated health concern, but make sure that you get it removed immediately in order to avoid further issues. You will be able to find out that the ways to get the pinguecula removed can actually be achieved through various methods, and the choice of picking one is just up to you.

The following pinguecula removal methods can be accessed depending on your budget and your preference in getting it removed quickly. Here are the following:


Let us begin with the most expensive, yet fastest way to get the problem resolved. Pinguecula can actually be surgically removed through the means of an expert level doctor to ensure that it will never get worse, and in order to remove it almost instantaneously.

Eye Drops

You can also try out some eye drops if you wish to get it treated under a low budget. All you have to do is to ask your trusted pharmacy near your area about the eye drops needed to get it removed, and they will surely provide it to you. It’s a special solution that’s capable of removing irritation and swelling simply by dropping one or two of the solution on your eyes. These products are also built in bottles that are meant for dropping liquid to the eyes as well.

Stay your Eyes out of the Sun

As you do the methods to remove pinguecula, you can go ahead and protect your eyes in order to prevent further irritation and swelling through the use of sunglasses. It can help your eyes from the irritating rays of the sun, as well as the dust around your area.

With these tips in mind, for sure you will be able to finally resolve pinguecula from ever worsening on your eyes. These are also healthy tips that are completely harmless, and are worth trying out if you ever experience this terrible condition to your eyes.