Byron Bay

Learning to Surf in Byron Bay Australia

Learning to surf in Byron Bay, Australia was one of the most fantastic and fun activities our family was able to try when we were on our world travels. Although I am terrible at it but would like to try it again to become better!

Reading about Lesley Carter’s experience, Writer of Bucket List Publications post on learning in Hawaii recently, inspired me to share a little more about it. I thought my inspiration had dried up. Byron Bay

Now it was a while ago and we learnt to surf as a family with a female instructor – Serena from Surfing Byron Bay. (The surf school is still there by the way.As is Serena.) I’d like to add that Byron Bay is one of the most amazing places to learn to surf in and Serena really makes the lessons fun. We booked a family beginners lesson.

Byron Bay

Serena took us to a quiet beach – although it did have a naked man on it at one point which was rather interesting and we also spoke to a gentleman in his 70′s who had learnt to surf in his 60′s and wished he had picked it up when he was younger.

Before we even got near the water we were given wet-suits to wear and blue rash vests so she could easily identify us.

Our first lesson was on the sand and we were taught how to paddle and to stand up – which I found so hard before we even got near the water. The boards were huge.


Paddling Out:

One of the hardest things was paddling the big board out beyond the waves so we could find a good one to ride in on. Walk your board out until about waist deep before paddling. This takes quite a lot of energy, even when the surf isn’t very big.

Duck Diving:

if you can do it – this allows you to pass under the breaking waves rather than be bashed by them as you paddle out.

Catching a Wave:

Serena has the knack of knowing initially which wave is best for you to catch and I found that after a little bit you suss it our yourself. The wave if caught right picks you up and pushes you forward.

I didn’t manage to stand up at all but rode a wave whilst laying down and this was a wonderful feeling in itself as the energy of the ocean pushed me into shore. Exhilarating is the word.

We were all exhausted by the end of our 2 hour surf lesson. My arms ached from paddling and tumbling off the board in the shallows. I’d like another go and one of Chloe’s goals is to learn to surf properly at Bondi Beach. 

My goal is just to stand up!

Have you given surfing a go yet?




Spending time in the Wilds of San Blas Nature Reserve

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One of the reasons I picked San Blas Eco Resort for our short break in Tenerife, was because it seemed a little different. Offering an all-inclusive package but also an interesting eco-side. Our stay  years earlier with our children in Playa de las americas, had left me with a desire to revisit the sea surrounding the island, but not the tourist areas and I hoped that staying somewhere with an eco-vibe would help me change my negatively formed opinion,  about the little island.


Although a large hotel, San Blas manages to give off a traditional Spanish vibe with its open courtyards dotted throughout. The twists and turns in its design, create an intimate feel, even though it is quite big.

I was particularly interested in the nature reserve located adjacent to the hotel, this being the reason we had decided to enjoy our break here and in the warmth of…

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One Sunshine Day in San Blas (In Pictures)


Christmas is looming ever closer. How about grabbing an instant escape on the island of Tenerife at the Sandos San Blas Resort.

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Tis the season to be jolly…

A little rainy and windy today in good ol Blighty, so I thought I would publish some lovely sunshine pictures taken on our first couple of days at San Blas, Tenerife – a Sandos Resort before the torrential rains hit us there. Seems they have blown their way here…

IMG_0589San Blas and the Sea

IMG_0572Check out the Balcony Bar

Tenerife hotelsA lazy place to recline

Sandos ResortsYour room. A great place to sit, relax and purvey your location.

San Blas - Tenerife Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this view

IMG_0591Join us for lunch at the all-inclusive buffet

Sandos ResortsMaybe a mid-afternoon coffee or a cocktail

All photographs courtesy of Vince Stringer (my lovely husband!)

The sun shines in Tenerife for most of the year and even when it doesn’t, you don’t need to miss out on the fun – taking a trip up Tiede or a dive under the…

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Life’s a Beach and then You Die

One thing I love about living in a coastal town, is the beach life, but as I live in the UK and on the Thames Estuary, you may not think it would be as great as it is. So I thought I would share some of the beautiful beaches i’ve visited and then offer up a sample of Southend and you can tell me what you think.

 I’ve had some fantastic beach experiences around the world. Like visiting Burleigh Heads in Australia.

Surfer Chick Australia

Or walking the isolated shoreline of Kaikora on the South Island of New Zealand.

Travelling with the Strings

Travelling with the Strings

Or even paddling in the warm waters of Koh Tao, Thailand.


A few times I week I take a morning constitutional down to my little seafront and explore what the beach has to offer me on any given day.

Beach LifeBeach Life

Sometimes my finds are a little funny and sometimes interesting, the marine life I discover brings me joy and on some days, it’s just the squally weather which connects me to nature and brings my bliss to the surface.


Beach Life