Would You Like to Buy a Beach Hut?

Southend on Sea

I would.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved the Beach Huts on Southend Seafront. I can remember wonderful times in our summer holidays. Days of joy, wonder, full of love and happiness. Exactly what being by the sea connects me with now!

I’m a big fan of what our esplanade has to offer. Like the Mayura Yoga Studio or Bourgee Restaurant.

My hometown.

Southend on Sea

Even when I fell in love with the little town of Picton in New Zealand on my travels, thinking I could live there. I quickly noticed the similarities between the two – how both sit at the end of the road links, leading only to the waters edge.

 Beach Huts

Some of my happiest memories have been built, with a bucket and spade in hand, sitting on the shingled sand of Southend. Painfully walking out to meet the incoming tide, side by side of my friends. So on the mornings I go walking – the beach is the place I am naturally drawn to and walking along the shoreline, admiring both cared for and dilapidated beach huts is always interesting. Puts a smile on my face, as does the spray of the sea and the breeze as it batters.

Last year, I did my best to find one for hire, desiring to bundle up my little family, pop open a bottle of champers and celebrate christmas morning on our Southend shoreline. Alas to no avail. Another christmas day I swam in the estuary waters, woolly hat on head – feeling invigorated and alive.

Beach Huts

Over the years, I’ve also wished Southend Council would buy up and rent a couple out over the summer months. I can only imagine the thrill other young children may receive, from coming out of the sea and stepping into the little space to warm themselves up, drinking a cup of ribena and nestling into a deckchair, as the warmth of the sun pounds down through their towel warming their bones and I personally can imagine sitting atop the decking of one, in the colder winter months with a brew of hot tea steaming by my side – laptop on table, blanket tucked round my knees, writing my next book, as the royalties roll in from the last. As I look out over stormy skies and crashing waves.

Oh yes – a Blogger can dream!

I always wonder what goes on in these little homes, so thought I would ask. Do you have any Beach Hut Selfies?



Yoga for Writers

My Daughter discovered this the other day and thought I would be appreciative of it, as I am a Writer and although I promised to post another article yesterday about Mayura Yoga Studio – my Son was unexpectedly admitted to hospital – so will get that post up and running before the end of the week.

In the meantime – check out this great Yoga infographic from Electric Lit and think about the benefits of adding Yoga  to your lives (check out Mayura Yoga Studio.)